At UCHealth, giving back is part of who we are. 

We help patients in need, we help employees in need, and we support departments and programs to get the training and equipment they need that isn't funded in the budget. You can support the health of your local community through a gift to your local foundation.

Employee donations help make it all possible! 

Giving is easy! You can give:

  • Recurring payroll deduction
  • One-time payroll deduction
  • PTO hours donation (minimum donation of 4 hours)

All payroll deductions and PTO donations are eligible for tax deduction. Your total donations for the year appear on your Lawson payroll statement and can be found on your personal profile page on The Source. 100% of every donated dollar goes to the foundation’s philanthropic funds, with no overhead costs or administrative fees. UCHealth north region matches all employee gifts $.50 per $1 — deepening your impact.

Service area/reach: Patients and community members from Loveland, Berthoud, Greeley, Fort Collins, Cheyenne WY, and beyond benefit from programs and services supported by the Northern Colorado Foundation.

"Giving fills my heart and makes me feel like I’m not powerless." Scott McGough

Cancer Patient Assistance

Meet Scott McGough

Scott McGough, facilities manager at Greeley Hospital, has been giving PTO since he started with UCHealth in 2017.

“I gave my first PTO donation three years ago in honor of my brother, who took his own life in 1988,” Scott says. “I donated 10 hours of PTO and designated it to mental health and counseling.

“Giving fills my heart and makes me feel like I’m not powerless. I figure I could sit around and cry every July on the anniversary of my brother’s death, or I could do something to help others.”

This year, Scott designated his PTO donation to the UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation cancer patient and family assistance fund. Scott, like many of us, has lost loved ones to cancer. He watched what they went through and wanted to help ease their financial burden. Even with health insurance, patients and their families often struggle to stay afloat financially.

Donating PTO is easy. Scott says, “It’s not money I miss, and it’s tax deductible. I try to inspire my team and anyone here with a lot of PTO hours to give some of that. It’s a use-it-or-lose-it thing. Why not donate some of that PTO and have it do some good? It’ll go a long way for somebody, believe me.”

“Giving together is a way that we can take our system’s care from good to great.” Christine Dummer

TraumaMeet Christine Dummer, BSN, RN, CCRN, TCRN

Being a trauma nurse has given Christine Dummer a laser-focus on what’s truly important in life.


“Trauma can change your life in one second, and it can be something that’s life changing forever,” Christine says. “That is one reason I choose to give. Each and every day is precious. One day your life may seem perfect, and in any given moment it could be turned upside down. You find yourself needing support from others as well as resources you never could have imagined existed. Giving is the least I can do to make an impact for others.”

Christine, the Trauma Program Manager at Medical Center of the Rockies (MCR), has donated through the employee giving program for 21 consecutive years. She has donated to many causes, including the Employee Hardship Relief Fund, the Donna and Paul Poduska Scholarship, the campaign to build the Harmony Cancer Center, the MCR trauma services fund, and the Greatest Need fund.

“I have always felt the need to give. Even though I might not be able to afford to give as much as I wish I could give, I feel that anything helps. It’s also incredible that, in the north region, UCHealth donates $0.50 for every dollar you donate. Small efforts can produce wonderful results!

“Without employee giving, I don’t think we as a system would be where we are today. I donated to the Cancer Center as soon as that fund became available, and look at the amazing facility that was built.”

“Working within the capital budget can only cover so much,” she says. “There simply isn’t money falling from trees, to pay for every need, every want. The system doesn’t have the funds to be able to provide for everything. 

“Giving together is a way that we can take our system’s care from good to great.”

GRATEFUL PATIENT PROGRAM (previously known as Guardian Angel program)

Our Grateful Patient program offers patients and their families a way to share their gratitude through a donation to the foundation in honor of outstanding care provided by UCHealth employees. Employees recognized through our Grateful Patient program receive an Outstanding Care certificate and lapel pin.

If you hear a patient or family member say something like, “How can I thank you for my care?” or “We are so grateful for the care received. How can we ever thank you?” please refer them to this program. Gifts of all sizes add up to make a big difference toward health care for our community. Patients can make a donation online or via the “Recognize your outstanding care” rack card distributed at each hospital and at most nurses stations.


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