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Healthy Hearts

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States—and worldwide. The answer is prevention. Healthy Hearts for Healthy Families is a six-week clinician-led education program to interrupt the pattern of cardiovascular disease in families. Children and parents learn together how to consume more fruits and vegetables, read more food labels, get more exercise and limit sugary drinks. Since 2014, more than 200 families have completed the program and in their pursuit of heart health have lost more than 900 pounds collectively!

The Healthy Hearts program also serves children in public schools. Since its 1992 founding Healthy Hearts has educated 65,000 students and screened more than 38,000 students for high cholesterol and obesity. Students participate in 5th, 7th, and 10th grade, learning how to replace poor health habits with healthy ones. Middle and high school students also receive stroke education, hands-only CPR training, and AED training.

Allessia Rose

Our patient assistance program

Each hospital offers assistance to patients with unmet and extraordinary needs. Transportation home is often a barrier for a patient who has been discharged. Donations from our employees and community members make it possible for the UCHealth foundations to assist.

Funding from donors also makes it possible for out-of-town patients with low incomes to stay at a local hotel the night before an early-morning surgery. There are countless ways that assistance funding may help patients in need:

  • Prescription assistance.
  • Oxygen at home for newborns and adults.
  • Clothing for those whose clothes were ruined due to a trauma.
  • Equipment such as canes and walkers.
  • Hospital-grade beds so patients can be safely in their homes.
  • Compression sleeves for those with lymphedema.
  • And, much more.

Helping our family, friends, and neighbors fight cancer.

The Oncology Patient Assistance Fund (called the Circle of Hope at Memorial Hospital Foundation) eases patients’ burdens and helps them to meet the enormous challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer does not choose to invade only the wealthy, only the impoverished, only the prepared. It can strike anyone at any time, as they work hard every day to make a living for themselves and their families. When people in our community learn they have cancer, they face a whole new set of challenges that can distract them from the healing journey. Cancer not only attacks a person physically, but socially, emotionally, and financially. Due to the degenerative nature of cancer illness and its treatments, many patients are forced to take time off from work, increasing their financial burden.

Oncology Patient Assistance covers expenses such as those listed in the general patient assistance program above. Also, it can cover daily living expenses such as:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Car insurance
  • Car repairs
  • And, much more.

Allessia Rose

WISH—Women Investing in Strategies for Health

WISH is a giving circle operating in northern Colorado, to educate, empower and inspire women philanthropists by supporting the health needs of our community through programs, partnerships and services provided in northern and southern Colorado.

WISH provides members the opportunity to pool their funds and collectively decide how their money will be utilized to support local programs, projects, and services provided in partnership with community organizations. Through an annual review and voting process, participants of WISH are actively involved in how their dollars are spent.

WISH membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the health and health care services of our community.

 Become a member today and join us in engaged and effective giving for a healthier community.

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